Welcome to the TTWeb E-Commerce Plugins Library


In general, you'll want to add code like the following in your <head> tag:

      <script src="https://plugins.traveltripper.io/cp.min.js"> 
        //Note that the above URL will always be updated to the latest release of the library. See verisions section below
          hotelId: 'HOTELID', // 'the reztrip code for your hotel',
          portalId: 'portalid', //'the reztrip portal name for your hotel - e.g. yourhotelbookingurl.reztrip.com',
          defaultLocale: 'en',
          defaultCurrency: 'USD',
          defaultTimezone: 'America/New_York'
        var rt3 = new TTWeb.Rt3Api();

You can always link to https://plugins.traveltripper.io/cp.min.js and it will always point to the latest release of the libary. Note that these will be updated without prior notice! If you want to link to a static version of the library, see the versions list below.